Elephant Gunn is not your average local garage band. No, they are the sound of the awakened consciousness, every note that is heard alters the mind and helps you see the world in a different space. They occupy the thoughts in between the sleazy and the classy, the high brow and the low, the art and the trash. They represent the free thinkers, the dregs of society, the outcasts, the misunderstood, and the drones. They are everybody, they are nobody.




It didn't always start out that way though. Elephant Gunn started off just like any other band did. A chance meeting between a roofer, a transplant, and a JobCorp graduate turned into an amazing friendship and collaboration forged by a shared love of music. Soon these three started jamming and playing house parties around the desert. Eventually they blazed into the studio with instruments in hand and recorded two EPs. The shows were booked, the fans were itching for something new, and just like that......a legacy was born.


The music may have evolved and morphed throughout the years, but Elephant Gunn is still a force to be reckoned with in the Valley of The Sun. They are tearing up clubs, bars, and parties on a regular basis. They are also attempting a siege on the internet, dominating the digital frequencies as well as modern social media. The best part........they are just warming up.....


Call it arrogant, call it a hopeless dream, call it what you will. One cannot deny the staggering vision of this band. There is so much great music and so many aspiring artists, just like sand, blown into the air and scattered across the land. The only thing missing is a group of people to unite them and lead modern rock into a new and radical golden age. Elephant Gunn is that group. From the small tasks such as spreading their name around even more to the more colossal tasks of releasing high quality videos and albums and conquering America's roads and venues, Elephant Gunn is a prolific band not satisfied with anything short of success. From their humble beginnings to now and onwards into the future, it is certain that Elephant Gunn is a band shooting for greatness.