MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ [guitar, vocals]

Michael Epifano Rodriguez was born july 31st 1989 in Phoenix, AZ. spending most of his young life listening to hip hop, he one day discovered rock n' roll and the rest is lost to history...and then we found it again. At age 15 he picked up his first guitar and at the urging of friends and family nutured his talents and met up with a group of like minded friends whom all shared a common thirst for great music and cheap women, and so Elephant Gunn was born for whom he contributes his guitar and vocal abilities as well as taking a shared leading role in song writing and interperative dance.

Zack Young [bass, vocals]

Zack was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. Throughout most of his life he has a burning passion for music. Through a variety of life experiences he ended up moving from place to place before settling down a bit in Phoenix. He plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, and sings. He also is constantly writing songs. He has helped create many Elephant Gunn songs and he also performs as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter under the moniker 'Zack Abides'

CRAIG MERCHANT [drums, vocals]

Craig Merchant was born in Phoenix AZ, September 23 1986. At a young age he discovered his love of music when heard Metallica's Ride The Lightning, and was hooked on heavy metal. Craig then began playing drums by age 14. After singing and drumming in a number of bands he met three assholes with simillar ideals in music. Soon Elephant Gunn was born. After numerous shows and two E.P.'s his fast rolls, and heavy grooves hold the sound together when everyone else is too drunk to keep up. Good thing Craig drinks like a metal head, as well as plays like one.