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A Simple Transmission

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Working mothers, commie lovers,
Teachers teaching fools
Grind the day into a shape
And leave yourself amused
Labor, love, live a life
And sing a happy song
Maybe someday cut the strings
That twist into the bone
Everybody's got a role
I hope that you've found yours if so
Ill see you at the finish line
I'm staying behind

I'm just gonna turn my brain off
Fade into a corner in the room
Put my headphones on and disappear
Sink into the space that lies between
The space that bends and shapes
The universal pool creates
I find upon the chaos latter
Nothing really matters here
At all
At all
At all
At all

Everybody's got to learn the game
Some will play and some will walk away
Win or lose, we leave it up to you
Ready, set, go!

End chant:
3, 2, 1,
Transmission has begun
Transmission has begun.